All about… being in someone else’s shoes.

Ok, so I needed to sit down and write this because I have had a shocking start to my day, which came to a head whilst picking up my prescription for my pain meds.

A woman decided that she would get out of her car and shout at me for parking somewhere I shouldn’t. What was actually happening was I had moved into the space because her car had blocked me from driving out of the cul-de-sac we were in. The space turned out to be hers!

What struck me the most was that she didn’t make any attempt to talk to me. She just became very confrontational and assumed the worst of me.

When I tried to explain that I wasn’t parking and where I needed to go, she just slammed her car door and shook her head at me. She did then move her car and let me out (had she done this in the first place, there would have been no shouting).

I am finding this to be quite a common occurrence at the moment and that we are not very patient with one another.

No one seems to take 5 seconds to assess a situation. They just immediately assume the worst of people.

I know that we are all exhausted with the negativity in the news at the moment but it doesn’t give us a free pass to crap all over others.

I have come home feeling angry and tired and just fed up because one person chose to be so negative towards me for all of 60 seconds. I know that I will try not to dwell but the truth is that it will niggle all day long. I don’t doubt that she is also feeling wound up still because her auto response was anger.

Take a breath people. Think about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Would you have meant anything malicious if you had done what they did? Could they be having a bad day already and you’re going to make it worse?

Could this person have a disability and that is why they are a little slower or confused?

I also flip this over to the person doing the shouting. I don’t want to dwell on her, as she may have also been having a bad day and assumed that, yet again, someone was going to block her parking space. Maybe it wasn’t really aimed at me.

Let’s not always assume the worst of people but try to see the good. Talk, don’t shout. Listen, don’t interrupt. Have compassion.

To the angry lady… I hope you had a cuppa and calmed down and maybe reflected on the fact that I wasn’t trying to get in your way. That you confronted me without even talking to me. Hopefully, next time, you will stop and try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Wishing you all a day filled with compassion and 5 second breathers.



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