All about… setting the mood

Exciting times as I start thinking about what I want my future to hold.

I just need to find a way to better organise my thoughts, as brain fog is such a destructive force. I start to make a plan only for the haze to settle. I then allow myself to become distracted and three months have passed with no action taken whatsoever.

It’s infuriating!

So, tonight, I have dusted off my enormous pin board and I’m going to make some plans. It’s not a technique I’ve tried before for life planning and I have no idea if it’s enough to kick my arse into gear.

Pinterest is giving me slight anxiety, as I feel I will not live up to these cork board masterpieces! I shall endeavour, none the less.

I may share the outcome; I may not!

I think that I totally underestimated how much brain fog would impact me. It’s not just about being a bit befuddled. I can’t remember most things and miss birthdays, appointments and events unless I remind myself constantly. Phone reminders don’t work and various calendars and diaries are not always sufficient!

I find my face often scrunched up, trying to piece my day together. A comment can have me puzzled until the penny drops and I get what the person is referring to. Words disappear on me and I find myself having to read things several times before something takes.

Let’s hope my mood board is the way forward! This could be revelation or revolution. 

I’ll keep you posted.


by the way, I would highly recommend Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight!

It’s shitting awesome.

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