All about… being aware

Yesterday was World Suicide Prevention Day. Until this year, I had no idea that such a day existed.

It became relevant this year. Two weeks before the international day to help people with suicidal tendencies, my friend D decided to take his own life.

It’s not the first time that suicide has touched my life but this one hurts because we were so helpless to stop and help him.

We lit our candles for D yesterday and will remember him always. My heart is broken for his family, especially his sisters who I love so dearly.

The messages I saw yesterday were inspirational, informative and uplifting and I hope that they helped someone find their voice to ask for help. The alternative is so final and irreversible.

I feel so lucky that I have found others like me who are able to talk about the bad days but also the good. We have our community where we know we are not alone and that we can voice how we feel. I find inspiration in these people. They keep me going.

I would recommend going to my Instagram, not to follow me, but to check out those I follow and see how much having a network can help.

I wish D could have found that and I will always wonder if I could have done more. He was an awesome guy and I am so sorry to everyone that has lost his light in their life.


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